Friday Already?

Wow! This week has flown by, and I didn’t get as much finished as I had hoped.  Does that ever happen to you?

After the winter storm two weeks ago we had a cold spell, but it has been relatively warm and breezy this week.  It feels a bit like spring, but the groundhog has spoken, so I’m forcing myself to wait two more weeks before I start my seeds for the garden.  It seems like I always get antsy and start them too soon and the plants end up leggy before it’s warm enough to set them out.  We have some seeds left over from last year, but we’re making our seed catalog order today…just as soon as we can agree on what we’re getting.

Yesterday I quit dragging my feet and cleaned out the rabbit cages.  It was especially gross this time, since when I went out to do it early last week the pee and poo trays were pretty much frozen to the cages.  It was irresponsible of me, but instead of dealing with it at the time, I hoped for a warmer day soon, apologized to the bunnies, and added a fresh layer of hay.  They seemed cozy enough but it’s been nagging at me so I took care of it today while it was so nice outside.  It was gross, but our garden will be really happy for the primo fertilizer this growing season.  This spring I plan to build elevated hutches above one corner of the garden so we can just rake the poo out to where it can do some good.  We’ll have to insulate it well since they won’t be as protected as where they are now, but it will be so nice for them to enjoy the sunshine and nice for me to have them up off the shed floor.

Our rogue hen, who was recently broody is back up to her old tricks, laying eggs in weird places instead of in the nest boxes.  At least they’re in the coop now that the ground outside is covered in snow…er, I hope they are anyway!  We’ll have to make sure we don’t have the egg hunt at our house this Easter.  I’d hate to see some unsuspecting poor tyke get an unpleasant surprise in her basket.  I hope this hen has another broody spell this spring as it would be nice if she’d do the work and raise a batch of chicks for us!  Wishful thinking, probably.

We’re attending a Super Bowl party at a friend’s home this year and thank goodness, because this has not been a good week for keeping up on housework.  I don’t think we’ve reached anything like “health department dirty” but there are sure a few items refusing to reside in their homes.  We’ve recently been given some Lincoln Logs, and I’m happy to say they don’t hurt quite like Legos or dried play dough when you step on them, but it isn’t a picnic either.  Lots of fun to play with though!  The kids even like them.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Enjoy the Super Bowl, funny ads, halftime and most importantly  to me, spending time with those you love…eating their snacks.  Don’t judge.  I’ll bring some good snacks too!

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  1. Denise @

    I’m with you about putting something grotty off, it was baked on greased/burnt milk from my range-top. I tackled it today and even 2 hrs laters, better, but seriously learned my lesson (will stop in the middle of cooking to clean it from now on if need be!) and had to resort to Magic Eraser. I don’t have bunnies but I know someone who does for meat and I’m going to suggest the idea over the garden. Great idea for the bunny poop!


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