We’re getting there. . .

Sorry, I forgot to do a progress report and new to-do list yesterday.

Being Veteran’s day, there was no school, so my husband and younger daughter had a Daddy-Daughter Date, while the older girl and I went shopping for some of the last minute baby stuff.

We finally bought an infant car seat. I’ve been putting that off, but since I’ve started having contractions that wake me up at night and make me stop moving during the day, I figured it was time to at least own a car seat.

It is also f-f-f-freeezing here. Not as cold as some places, thank goodness, but too cold to spend much time doing outdoor projects. We’re pretty much just doing the essential chores to keep animals happy. Hopefully we can get to some of the other outdoor stuff after the polar vortex lifts and it’s just normal-cold.

Today we had a midwife appointment and the big news is I’m pregnant. Still. I know I’m only just shy of 36 weeks, so I probably just need to settle down and focus on staying on top of my blood sugar. When you’re in the habit of having your babies in the 37th week, however, 36 feels like it’s almost go-time! I’ll be honest, I might be a little put out if I go a full forty this time!

Tomorrow’s goals include…

More laundry–shocking right?

Still need to set up that crib.

Take some bags of leaves down to reduce the draft from under the top-bar hive.

Re-clean the house. Just yesterday the it was “Company Clean” and today it’s “Dear Lord, please don’t let me go into labor so fast that we need to call our EMT neighbor and his ER nurse wife, because I’d be mortified if anyone had to come in here and witness this mess right now.”  It happens so fast. Fortunately I’m learning that it cleans up nearly as fast, once I put down my cup of tea and laptop, and get busy.  I may do a preliminary walk-around-and-pick-up before bed tonight.

I’m starting to wonder if it really matters (and know it really doesn’t) if we get everything done before we bring the baby home.  All she really needs is me, right?


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