Denim Child’s Apron

My children decided pretty early on that they were too old for bibs.  Lucky for me (and thier shirt fronts) they think aprons are pretty cool.  Is there anything more adorable than a little girl in an apron? Well, perhaps a little girl in an apron and a sun bonnet. 

This adorable apron isn’t my original idea.  I don’t remember where I first saw it, but it’s probably been floating around since jeans started wearing out.  If your sewing supplies are already organized and you have a pair of worn out jeans and some bias tape around you can probably whip one out in about an hour.  I had a hard time finding bias tape I liked, so I used homemade bias tape. 

First cut the leg off of a pair of jeans, and open the outside seam.

Next hold the resulting piece of fabric up to yourchild to determine my length and width.  I didn’t follow any pattern here, just fold it in half and cut it out free form.  After making a couple I’ve decided to err narrow on the bib part to prevent gapping when the kid wears it.  Also, avoiding sharp corners makes it so much easier to attatch the bias tape. 

Attatch bias tape,(I prefer the cheating method) beginning with a short piece for the top hem, followed by a longer piece for the neck ties and apron body trim. 

Finally, cut and finish two pieces of bias tape to use as waist ties and attatch them at the waist of the apron.  If you’d like a fancier apron you can attatch pockets cut from the jeans, or sew your own. 

My girls love to wear these to eat, help mama in the kitchen or garden, and do art projects.  One less stain to treat, one less pair of worn out jeans laying around and mama gets to do a sewing project.  Works for me! 

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