Bedroom Downsize and Toy Room Takeover, Part 1

Since our daughters share a bedroom we’ve been using the third, and smallest bedroom in our house as as toy room for a couple of years.  During that time the room was often a hideous mess, with the door closed and no one using it. Finally we decided it would be best to do a major purge of toys and put that room to better use.  I wish I had realized my camera was “zoomed in” when I was taking my before pictures.

Our first plan was to turn it into a “man-cave” for my husband.  The more we thought about it, however, we realized that our bedroom, which is much larger, but long and narrow, would allow hobby space for both of us.  We really only sleep in our bedroom.  We don’t hang out, or watch tv, in fact we rarely even read in there.  We just don’t need the largest bedroom.

Instead we’re making over the former toy room, and after we move in, we’ll partition the long narrow bedroom and make it into a man-cave for my husband, and a hobby/office space for me.

As you can see, the toy room was the most lovely shade of really, really ,baby blue; walls, ceiling and floor.  Actually it would have made an adorable nursery, but our youngest only used it for three days after we moved here.

I’ve spent recent days moving out the last few toys and repainting in tan and brown, which will coordinate nicely with the bedding and window dressings we already have.  You can not imagine how difficult it is to edge a room where there are no straight lines and walls are textured.  I keep touching it up with a flat artist’s brush, but I am realizing that there is always going to be an angle from which it looks crooked.  I’ve decided to settle for whatever looks best from where my bed will be, that way it won’t drive me crazy when I’m lying in bed looking up at the ceiling.

More photos to come after we move into the new bedroom, and start on the new hobby space.

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