Winter Unfolding

I was going to title this post “Fall and Winter Goals”, but perhaps it’s a little late to be setting goals for fall since snow is in the forecast and, relatively speaking, in the neighborhood.


We’ve gotten most of our pre-winter tasks out of the way in the last few weeks. We’ve got plastic on our old single-pane windows, a new frost-free hydrant in the garden, leaves raked, and walnuts harvested.  We could have used more firewood, but what we’ve got will do.

With all of the essential outdoors chores out of the way, I’m starting to feel cozy and creative.  This time of year I love to make things and cook up a storm.  Nate has been asking for homemade bread, which I pretty much gave up on during the heat of summer. And the kids are wanting to do crafts.  Me too.

Araya and I are working on an apron for her Our Generation doll (Target’s AG knock off). It’s her first sewing project, and her seven-year-old fingers aren’t doing too bad a job, if I do say so myself.  On my own sewing docket you’ll find a batch of baby-doll diapers and bibs, for both little girls, who are currently baby-doll crazy, but have plenty of dolls.  This will be the perfect use for an old flannel sheet who’s partner grew threadbare and got tossed out, and for all the girls’ adorable receiving blankets I can’t bear to get rid of.   Shhh, it’s a surprise for Christmas, don’t tell them!

I’m also working on my very limited knitting and crochet skills.  I crocheted a hat for an Our Generation Doll last week, and now I’m working on the matching hat for Araya.  We’ll see. It’s gotten a little wonky, but I don’t know where I went wrong, so I don’t want to indiscriminately rip it out.  Big Sigh. How does the old saying go?  Ripping is part of knitting?  But this is crochet!

The sewing room/man cave combo has become a dumping ground for our infrequently used items, and having my sewing machine in there has made it, too, infrequently used. I’m going to keep my crafting supplies in there, but we moved the sewing machine back down to the living room, so that I’ll use it more.  It’ll also be nice to have a desk space when the sewing machine is closed up.  I’m tired of having all of my computer stuff stacked up by the couch.

The new job is going well, and I’m really enjoying all the extra time I get to spend with the kids.  The reduced income is working out so far.  I won’t say we haven’t noticed, but we were prepared, and I think that softens the blow, at least for me.  Nate is a little stressed out when he looks at the numbers, but only because he likes to see a big margin, and he liked being able to make spur of the moment purchases.  My greatest struggle continues to be cooking at home instead of getting take-out when we are short on time.  When I remember to plan ahead, my crock-pot is my best friend for Camp Fire and Gymnastics nights.

Winter is shaping up to be great fun this year, and I’m looking forward to snow, hot cocoa, and fire-lit evenings snuggling the family around the Christmas tree.

How is your winter unfolding?





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  1. Hillary

    I too am anxious to get the winter crafts going. Heaven knows my sewing stack is waiting. I just sat down today and made my goodie list for the month of December. Wow what a person thinks they can do when on bed rest! Now to see if I get at least half of those yummies made 🙂 what is on your list?


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