What Am I Going To Tell My Children?

I see a lot of folks asking what they should tell their children.  Regardless of who you voted for an whether or not you felt you “won”, I believe you should tell your children this:

  1. Tell them that you love them.
  2. Tell them that we can only control our own behavior.
  3. Tell them that we don’t need anyone to tell us its okay to be kind.
  4. Tell them that we live in a fallen world, but we don’t need to wallow in it.
  5. Tell them that in a democracy, the pendulum swings both ways.
  6. Tell them that this is where we are now, we may be somewhere else tomorrow.
  7. Tell them that they can change the world by good deeds, but never by whining.
  8. Tell them to pray for our leaders, that they may have wisdom and fortitude.
  9. Tell them that you love them.


One thought on “What Am I Going To Tell My Children?

  1. Renee Swearingen

    I am at a different milestone with my children. As much as I miss the days where they looked to me to help them shape and form their thoughts…I am immensely proud of where they are today. Quite honestly, your list? I put every single one of those things! 1-9! I did add a #10 though. And that was – ahem – 10. Nothing that is happening is a surprise to God. WE might have to adjust (and trust me…I am continually adjusting!) but He knows what’s up. I seriously never thought that every parent wasn’t doing the same. It sets my mind to wonder – why the need for the list now? Are we only to teach these value in times of an adult crisis? (Please understand that I say this in all honesty, what exactly have parents that think that the current political wind favors them been telling their children?!?) I am a lover of all peoples 🙂 the shade you happen to be born with or the country you have been born in or even your particular political slant have no relevance to me. I feel like the bigger job at hand is raising the best people possible to keep our world a peaceful, loving place. Love that you put your family first Magi. It will be your children’s biggest blessing! <3 Renee


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