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I launched this blog as a place to share my experiences in learning to raise good kids, good food and good fun our our tiny half acre “farm”.  A more accurate description of the farm would be rural half acre where we raise a garden, a few fruit trees, chickens, rabbits, and a pair of alarmingly immodest girl children. If you stop by on any given day you’ll likely find me trying some crazy experiment in self sufficiency, or chasing a child, begging her to put on some clothes. Although, on particularly trying days in the summer, I have been known to settle for sunblock. I also love to get my feet in the dirt and home preserve the food we grow. I want my family to know how to do for ourselves the way our grandparents did, without so much (glorious) technology. I’m still learning so you can be sure there will be plenty of humor to follow!

Someday I hope to be on the farm full time, but for now I work seasonally as a Fish and Wildlife helper. It has given me plenty of opportunity to learn useful outdoor skills, and many chances put on my big girl panties. Think pumping breastmilk in the backcountry, using a large tree for privacy. Yep. I’ve done it and I’m a bigger girl for it. I’m also the only one of my girlfriends who regularly has a multi-tool in her purse, (also one in my car, and another in my backpack, rule of three – come back to find out more about that) and knows how to use it. I have to give my co-workers, who are mostly male, plenty of praise for accomodating a girl, (and a mom no less) on their team! I love those guys, but I love my kids more. So someday I will leave the work world and stay home where I’m needed most.

I am deeply thankful to God for all that we have, and hope to be a source of encouragement to others who may be traveling a similar path. I’ll share my experiments in gardening, food preservation, off grid cooking, parenting trials and joys, my favorite recipes, any helpful tips I pick up along the way and more. Come back soon and learn with me!

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