Three Day Weekend

Wow! What a great weekend we’ve had. We welcomed a new addition to our family, a little girl who we have tentatively named Macaroni. She is a mutt, and appears to be a lab/heeler mix. She is smart and has a great temperament. So far we’ve had no problems with her and the chickens.

Saturday evening we joined Nate’s family who had booked rooms in Chelan for the night. Chelan hotels are far too crowded and expensive in the summer, but the town gets so sleepy in the winter that you can get a beautiful resort experience at a Motel 6 price. Since we had the new puppy, we didn’t stay the night, but we went bowling, out for pizza and enjoyed the hotel hot tub. What a joy to have fun with family.

Sunday was spent with a trip to Wally world to pick up some puppy supplies. She looks so tiny in her big-dog bed, but she’ll grow into it. She is responding well to crate training. She doesn’t sleep in there yet, but she eats and chews toys in there; good progress for three days.

On Monday I intended to write another pantry cooking post, but we were invited to join friends for a hike and dinner at their home. It is my policy to never pass on an opportunity for fellowship and a meal I don’t have to cook, so blogging was pushed neatly to the back burner. Since my pantry cooking posts are usually about what I’m making for dinner, I didn’t get one written. Perhaps I will make it up another day this week. I was lazy about meal planning for the week too, so I don’t know what we’re eating yet, but if I decide on something I think you’d all enjoy, I’ll share the recipe.

The seeds I started last week, are up and growing well.  I started Amish Paste tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Early Jalopenos peppers, Golden Acre cabbage, and De Cicco broccoli.  Seeing the little plants makes my feet itch for warm garden soil.

I hope you all have a blessed week!

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