The Hard Truth

Dear Uninhibited Young Person,

I know conventional wisdom and about a million facebook e-cards have taught you that it doesn’t matter what others think of you.  And that is true.

Unless you want to get a job.  I promise you, when you go to a job interview it will matter very much what the interviewer thinks of you.

Unless you want a lasting relationship.  I promise you, you’ll want to keep that special someone thinking you’re special too.  Granted, if you choose carefully, that person won’t be hard to convince.

Unless you want your future children’s friends to be allowed to visit your home.  I promise you, my children have friends they will never, ever, visit at home while I can prevent it.

Maybe you want to coach T-ball someday.  Wonder what sort of person those parents want to leave their babies with?

I’m not talking about expressing yourself with style choices.  Go ahead and pierce your lip. I think it’ ugly, but it’s not my lip. Just please, please, use that pierced lip to speak proper English, while standing up straight and looking me in the eye.  Tell me the truth, and stand by your word.  Work hard, and don’t let little bumps in the road stop you in your tracks.  Be diligent.  Try as hard as you can.  Stand up and shake hands when you meet someone.  Shake hands firmly, like it was your idea, even if it wasn’t.  Be someone you can be proud of.

I know you think you’re an island; untouchable and needing nothing from anyone.

Sorry, but you’re mistaken.  I promise you, someday you will be waiting on someone else’s decision.  It can matter very much what others think of you.


Someone who may once have been a bit like you, but thank goodness there was no facebook back then.


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