The Countdown Is ON…

Ah! It’s getting to that glorious time of year when I start counting down the days to the end of my work season.  I’m so looking forward to some much needed time at home with my children and catching up on some homekeeping projects.  I sometimes wonder how it must be to play a never ending game of catch up if one’s job doesn’t have a slow or off season.  I feel like I spend the off season getting my home in order, catching up on the things that get pushed aside during the busy time, and bonding with my babies.  How do moms who don’t get an off season cope?  Maybe some of you can enlighten me. 

The list of things I’d like to accomplish this fall and winter is ever growing, but here is what is on it for now:

  1. First things first.  Closet and clutter patrol.
  2. Work on getting my cottage food license so I can participate in our local farmers market by selling some of my dry mixes.
  3. Turn the play room into a guest/man room. 
  4. Can, can, can some more meat, and meals in a jar.
  5. Help my younger daughter begin to read.
  6. Take up a winter sport as a family.  Maybe cross country skiing or ice skating?
  7. Have a snow ball fight. 
  8. Sell some of the above mentioned clutter.
  9. Volunteer at school.
  10. Muck out the mud room.  (If my earlier clutter patrol doesn’t make it there)
  11. Re-decorate the master bedroom (Sigh, after the clutter patrol)
  12. Put the garden to bed by pulling weeds, mulching, and fertilizing with some all natural rabbit poo.

I had another in mind just as I sat down to edit this post, but it’s been shuffled to the back of my mind again.  Dang it!  It’ll come to me. I’m sure that I will be adding more and nixing some in favor of others, but isn’t that life?

What are your goals this winter?  What kind of winter do you have where you live?

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