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Look What I Found!

About 5 days ago when I went out to close up the coop for the night I noticed we were short one barred rock hen.  I looked around a little, but since I didn’t see any sign of predation I figured I’d see her in the morning.  The next day I looked out while the hens were scratching and did indeed count five barred rocks.  But, again, at bedtime she was nowhere to be seen.  A couple more days passed and since we hadn’t seen her again, I figured she had been hawk bait.  But today after I gathered eggs I heard a familiar clucking from behind some lumber which was resting against the shed. 

Henny Hidey Hole
I moved the lumber and boy was she mad! She puffed up and lowered herself to the ground so I knew she’d be sitting on five or six eggs. 
When she puffed up upon being discovered I knew she would be hiding something!

Broody hens can be feisty, so I carefully lifted her off the nest and was shocked to find she was not sitting on a small clutch of eggs.  She was sitting on twenty-five eggs.  What a great surprise, when we were thinking that we’d be down a few eggs per week after losing this hen.  This spring we plan to add a rooster to the mix, so hopefully one of our girls will be in a broody mood when the time comes!

Twenty-five eggs! I think she had some help laying these.

Chickens never fail to delight!