I was planning to wait for this announcement until I had an obvious “Baby Bump” photo to share with you, but as it turns out, I’m nowhere near patient enough for that.  My jeans have just barely started getting snug, and I haven’t gained any weight yet. (No complaint about that!)

Clark baby # 3 cookin' up nicely.

Clark baby # 3 cookin’ up nicely.

We are expecting this little blessing to arrive mid-December.

I had a doozey of a first trimester compared to my previous pregnancies.  I felt really good for most of both prior pregnancies, despite having had Gestational Diabetes with the second.  This time I had a few weeks of nausea, which I never had with the girls, but the most difficult part has been being extremely tired.  The upside of that is that I’ve been able to shed, although probably temporarily, my night-owlish ways, and have been getting to bed early and sleeping well except for the middle of the night bathroom trips.

I’ve just started getting my energy back, but still I think there is no denying that being pregnant in my mid-thirties, is very different than it was in my twenties. I also have Gestational Diabetes again this round, which did not come as a surprise given that I have all the risk factors except for a history of large or stillborn babies.  This means I’ll be monitoring my blood sugar, following a very carb-balanced diet, walking daily, and trying not to gain or lose much weight.  There’ll be no caving to random chocolate or ice cream cravings for me.  I’ll share more about my previous and current experiences with GD later.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, this was not a planned baby, but will be loved and treasured all the same.  The surprise did throw a little wrench into our financial plans, but I think all will ultimately work out just fine.  We’ve decided that I won’t return to work for the kids’ school next fall since daycare for an infant would cost more than half of my take-home pay.  I’m working on another post to share some of my ideas for filling that little financial gap, and keeping our baby related expenses as low as possible.

Now that I’ve gotten past the shock, nausea and tiredness I’m enjoying little flutters in my belly, and starting to prepare to have a sweet-smelling, wiggly, little wee one in the house again.

 I have to add that I find it just a tad comical that our first unplanned pregnancy happened after five years of premarital cohabitation, followed by nine years of marriage, and two impeccably planned children.  It just goes to show you that an “It won’t happen to me” mentality can and will catch up with you. Feel free to share my story with your teenagers.  😉   


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