Our Summer In Photos

Dang! Can you believe summer is over? That went way too fast.  Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to. 

In June the national fish hatchery near our home hosts a kid’s fishing day.  Daddy was so proud of the girls and their catch.  The girls were mighty proud too!


Dad worked a lot of weekends this summer, which left the three of us ladies to do some adventuring on our own.  This is our first camping trip sans Dad.  We had a great time and confirmed my suspicion that camping with littles is a lot of work for moms.  It was really no different from camping with Dad.  Hmmm. 

 The Fourth of July is almost as good as Christmas around here, at least for Dad.  For me it’s a little nerve wracking.  I always run around with a hose and fire extinguisher at the ready.  Luckily we’ve never ignited anything serious. 

The kids made Snake and Whistling Pete volcanos which I thought was pretty cool.  They’re nothing if not creative, and their love of pyrotechnics tells me they are indeed their father’s children. 

Don’t worry, the dry mountain in the background is much further from the fireworks than it appears.  Also, I think we might be hillbillies. 

As part of the celebration, Daddy brought us ice cream AND CONES

I’ve noticed recently that this particular child is never, ever, ever clean for more than twenty minutes running. 

We were fortunate to be invited to join friends for a weekend camp out next to this beautiful pond on one friend’s family homestead.  Highlights included a huge hot tub water fight at the host’s house and a jeep ride through the surrounding hills. 

Our garden was growing well and looking great by early July.  It is still growing well, but it looks a little lot weedier.  I don’t even know if weedier is a word, but if it isn’t then Mr. Webster ought to drop by our place.

August was long and hot in the thick of it, but looking back, has clearly gone too fast.  We took a few hikes, another camp out or two and enjoyed the river near our home, but I neglected to photograph the fun.  So sad.

Before we knew it the first day of school was upon us.  Double dang it! That’s my sentiment not Araya’s.  She loves school, and is overjoyed to be in Kindergarten.  That’s a blessing.  I still wish it wasn’t time yet.

Since the first day of school is a half day in our district, I took the opportunity to take the afternoon off work and take the kids to the lake.  This is the kids’ favorite beach but we haven’t gone all summer because it’s such a combat zone in the tourist season.  Now that most have gone back to school it’s perfect.  The bright sunny day was perfect for checking out the coppery strands in Montana’s hair.  I know it’s silly, but it drives me nuts that most people will look at her and think she has plain old brown hair, when I know she has bright red highlights many women would pay huge money for, and never hope to maintain.  I suppose a mother might be the only one to sit and stare at her child long enough to notice these little details. 




That’s a wrap on summer.  Sigh.  On the other hand, fall has it’s charms too.  Pumpkins, sunny but cool days, sweaters and hot tea are some of my favorites.  And our neighbor just dropped by to invite us to help ourselves to the pear orchard.  Let the canning begin!

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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2 thoughts on “Our Summer In Photos

  1. Delena

    You’re showing your bravery when you take your kids camping alone. I thought about it once and was so releived when the kids didn’t really want to go. 🙂

  2. katy

    Even camping with dad there is so much work! good job on showing your girls that woods time is too important to miss just cause dad has to work 🙂 Love your garden! Enjoy the busy last days of summer in the river 🙂


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