Lotion Bars, And Another New Use For An Old Altoids Tin


My hands have gotten seriously rough-side-of-the-velcro dry from all the yard work we’ve been doing, and we got a lull in the good weather, (snowing big fat nasty flakes) so I figured it was a good day to take a deep breath and do my dishes, catch up on some laundry, and make lotion bars.

While I was digging through my craft supplies to find my soap molds, I found some old tins I saved when my husband started tying flies.  I thought I’d see how the bar lotion worked in the tins.  It works great! I was so impressed in fact that I delivered four tins to neighbors as soon as they set up.  I also made four bars, and have enough supplies left over to make another batch soon.   I couldn’t resist tinting the small bit that was left in the bowl after I poured all the molds.  It makes a nice lip balm, but the color doesn’t really show. 

I used Smockity’s recipe, which was easy to follow and took approximately half an hour once I had all the supplies gathered.  The ingredients were expensive, but the end product is well worth the investment, especially when I can give some as gifts.  I was able to get everything I needed at my local natural foods store, but I suspect one could find better prices online. 

My hands, lips and legs feel very happy!

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