Hazel’s Birth Story: Not for the Squeamish

I’ve been putting off writing this post, mainly because I’m still a little groggy from lack of sleep, and I’m not sure how great my writing will be right now. However I’m realizing my life isn’t getting much quieter for a couple years, so I better relearn how to get things done with a baby in the house.

Lovely Baby Hazel joined us on November 24, at 10:29 am.

I had awoken around four in the morning for what was my customary middle of the night bathroom trip. After I got back into bed I had a couple decent contractions, but they didn’t seem to be getting stronger or closer together. If you’ve had a baby though, you probably know that once you start thinking about the possibility that you are in labor there is no going back to sleep.

Around five o’clock, I decided to get out of bed, and then my water broke. Since my contractions still didn’t seem very serious I cleaned up, got dressed, and put on some makeup. Then I woke up my husband and called the midwife. Finally we woke up the kids and called the neighbor to let her know we were heading for the hospital and we’d be dropping Montana off. Araya was interested in watching the birth so we made arrangements for her to be there with us.

On the way to the hospital my contractions picked up and I continued to gush amniotic fluid. I thought this was hilarious since my previous two births my water broke at the hospital and it didn’t seem like there was as much fluid. I called my mom to meet us there, and sent texts to all of my girlfriends. I called my besties Sabrina and Lisa, and told Lisa who lives two hours away, not to bother rushing over, because I was sure she wouldn’t get there in time.

We arrived at the hospital just after six o’clock, and Nate dropped me off at the ER entrance, while he and Araya went to find a parking spot. When I got out of the car I couldn’t help giggling about the puddle I left in the passenger seat, despite the towel I had stuffed in my pants. As it turns out I’m not mature. I was still giggling when I walked into the ER lobby and as I checked in, all the while leaking amniotic fluid all over the floor. Of course, the ER nurses didn’t even bat an eye. While I was completing paperwork (why do we even bother pre-registering?) Nate and Araya came in, and then we all headed up to Labor and Delivery. I think we arrived around the same time as my midwife, Stacy.

Once I was in my room and all hooked up to the monitors, my labor almost completely stopped. While I was annoyed that it stopped, it actually worked out because my midwife was scheduled to assist a c-section that morning and my labor slowing down gave her plenty of time to pop down the hall and get that done.

When she got back, she took a look and asked if I’d like to do some walking. YES! Since both of my prior labors were about five and a half hours I figured this one would be too and we were at about four so I was itching to get things going.

Nate and Araya took turns walking with me, lap after lap, for about an hour. The contractions got stronger and closer together, until finally I felt like I needed to be in my room.  The contractions were getting painful enough that I had to lean over the counter and sway back and forth through them.  I even let out a few wails, which I never did in my prior labors.

After two or three “unbearable” contractions I had Nate grab my midwife who was just outside the room. I think she was surprised that I had gone from walking the halls to “Go time” so quickly.

Since I didn’t feel like I could move, my midwife had me lean over the bed so she could check my cervix, and while she was doing so another contraction barreled down on me and I started begging for an epidural, although I knew in the back of my mind that it was way too late for that. The midwife informed me that my baby had a lot of hair, she would be born in one or two more contractions, and I might want to get into bed now.

I very ungracefully tumbled into the bed, and had a contraction that made me screech like a banshee. Then a nurse poked her head in the door and asked if Lisa could come in.

Thank goodness, she ignored my advice to not rush over!  She walked in just as my final contraction started and she got to cheer me on and help us welcome Baby Hazel.


All in all I have to say it was a great labor and delivery. Yes, the pain was horrible for that last fifteen or twenty minutes, but if that’s the worst of it I feel like I could have a hundred more babies the same way!

For now though, I’m so thankful and perfectly content with the three perfect ones I already have!

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