Happy New Year!

2013 has come to an end and looking back on my goals from this time last year I feel pretty good!  As usual, some things get pushed to the back burner, re-evaluated, or nixed altogether, but I did meet several goals and we’re closer in general to living the life we dream of.  I did do more hiking and camping, which automatically includes more time with the family, and adds exercise!  I only blogged about half as much as I had hoped, and my goal to bring the camera along was soon forgotten.  Perhaps a new goal should be saving up for a pocket sized and user friendly camera this year!

We haven’t gotten any measurable snow this winter (boo!) so on days when the fog clears and it is sunny, I’m resisting the urge to go dig in the garden.  It really is too early.  But a girl can daydream, and scheme.  I’ve been laying awake at night thinking of how I’ll reorganize the garden this spring.

This year I plan to move our berry bushes from where they are into the main garden.  Every year I end up with some wasted space in the garden which soon fills up with weeds.  I’ll move our berries from the “back forty” where they are often under watered and forgotten.  I’d also love to find space in the garden for some concord grapes.  We just finished the last jar of juice from a bunch of grapes we got from a friend two years ago, and I will definitely want our own source for more of that!  I can’t wait to get started!

We have plans in the works to cooperate with several neighbors in raising hogs this year.  I can’t wait for the home grown, sunshine happy, pork chops and honey glazed ham.  The  honey for glazing will also be home grown if our plans for a neighborhood hive work as we hope.  I’ve heard of folks having a hard time getting their hives established, but I’m not entertaining those thoughts today.

While I did do a better job of getting outside for hiking and camping  in 2013,  I plan to kick it up yet another notch this year!  If it would ever get around to snowing, we’ll be learning to cross country ski this winter.  With acres and acres of orchard and back roads at our disposal there really is no reason not to, except lack of snow.  Until the snow falls we’ll have to make ourselves content with long walks.  I’m excited at the thought of an entire summer with the kids, exploring the woods, enjoying the rivers and lakes, and digging in the dirt.  For me, there is not a  more fortifying exercise than being in the outdoors, enjoying the bounty nature has to offer.

To kick it all off I’m participating in a ten day Shakeology (affiliate link) challenge with some of my closest friends soon!  I’m blessed to have a neighborhood of like-minded mamas who support and encourage one another, with plenty of laughter and hugs, coffee, and wine.  Maybe we toss in a little competition to spice things up too.

My new job is off to a good start, and I do enjoy being on the same schedule as the kids. Is it a lifelong career?  I think perhaps no, but I do enjoy it, and I don’t have a solid idea what else I might do. For now, it is good for our family, and I think I’m good for the job, so no need to rush into more changes.

Here’s to a Happy and Blessed New Year!

What plans are you making?


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