Facebook Woes

So I’ve tried, many times, and without succes, to add a Facebook Like Box to my sidebar.  Thanks to Google, I know it’s a common problem among wordpress users, and when I figure it out I’ll smack my forehead and groan with shame.  Until then, I’ll be ending each post with “find me on facebook“. 

Have a good weekend!

PS I’ve tried every solution on google, but if you have one lay it on me!

One thought on “Facebook Woes

  1. Denise @ wyomingstorygirl.wordpress.com

    I use wordpress too and I know you have a facebook page, but when you entered your facebook page URL into the thingy what does it do – go blank, give an error message? I have a underutilized facebook for my blog but linked it to see if I’d have teh same problem. I put the title as Facebook, the facebook URL including the http://www. part. Clicked show faces and show stream. Then it took it 3 times to “save” but the last time I refreshed to look, it stayed saved.


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