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Thanks for stopping Half Acre Heaven, I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.  I strive to provide fun, friendly, helpful and authentic content and would love your input.  If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me by email.


4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Randall Hill

    Hey, I found your site through the survival mom. You wrote a great article that I linked to from my site. Lisa @ survivalmom gave me permission to use her material, which I do occasionally. I hope you don’t mind me using it. Your blog has some useful info and is well-written. I provided a link to your site. If you don’t mind, I can send others to some of your articles in the future.

  2. darla angel

    dear maggie,nate and girls-just a quick note to say “howdy”! and…we had a great time with your family when ya came to dinner…and i think your a great cook..cookies were yummy & the bear too nate…and your girls are so sweet & like to have fun…and your smart and…a seriuose charade artist…and i think it runs in the family…and im glad you found your niche,i give you ALL props girl…your family is soooo lucky to have YOU!!! Thats my opinion & im stickin to it!


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