Bedroom Downsize Part 3- New Hobby/Office

Thanks for tuning back in for part three of the Bedroom Downsize.  If you’ve just joined me you might want to check out Part One and Part 2. 

By now we all know that photography is not my strong suit, but I hope you can get a feel for the space I’m working with.  The room is approximately 10 x 20 feet, and not exactly square and level.  Apparently houses settle over the course of ninety-eight years.

This end of the room will be my husbands “man cave”.  I think he intends to use it for storage of sporting goods and for hobbies such as tying flies.  I don’t yet have a clear idea how we’re going to furnish it.

We will use the woven curtains you see on the window and in the corner, still in packages, to divide the room, and the other end will be my sewing, and office space.  We haven’t decided what to do with the furniture you see here. The lovely Montanta demonstrates how much room there will be for practicing ballet.

And finally a better look at the new bedroom as seen through the walk-through closet.  On the right is the main door to the room, but it’s awfully near the giant laundry pile I’m trying so hard to keep out of these photos.  Perhaps you’ll get a better look at it when the room is finished.

So that’s the mostly blank space we’re working with.  The next phase will take a little longer, since we’ll be needing to make some purchases and do some building.  But I’ll keep you posted along the way.

Now for a little silliness from Miss Araya and a book of stickers.

Happy Monday!

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One thought on “Bedroom Downsize Part 3- New Hobby/Office

  1. Lori D.

    It’s going to be lovley, I am sure! I grew up in a circa 1800’s farmhouse and loved it for all it’s quirks.


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