A Word on Volunteerism and This Week’s To-Do List

If you’ve noticed less of me online it’s because I’ve gone completely mad and volunteered for everything under the sun. 

Moms, sometimes it might be okay to just sign your kid up for an activity and not volunteer to help out, or run the program, or sit on the board.  Maybe they call for volunteers and instead of yes, you say “Oh shoot, wish I could”.  Stick with volunteering for those activities about which you are passionate. 

Honestly it’s not that bad, but when we are eating pbj or hot dogs for dinner, and getting to bed late -again -I am wondering what was wrong with just raising the kids and taking care of the home and garden.  The plus side to all of these activites is that they are in the evening, when my energy levels tend to be highest, unfortunately that is usually when I take care of housework and planning, so those areas are suffering a tiny bit.

This week I need to accomplish some organizing and streamlining so that we can still have a normal life, even though I’ve over-scheduled us.  This is no one’s fault but my own.  I just need to learn to do my mommy work in the morning instead of afternoon/evening, and not take the orders from a six-year-old who comes home waving a flyer and saying “We have to go to a meeting and sign up tonight“!

Here are my goals for the week:

  • Make a meal plan and take full advantage of the slow cooker.  I’ve had varying levels success with making and sticking to a meal plan.  Life is inevitably easier when I stick with it.  This is THE list item which will have the most impact on daily life here. 
  • Clean out the chicken coop and partition the corner that we use for brooding.  It’s almost chickie time!
  • Get my rump out to the garden and get my spinach and brassicas going.
  • File taxes.  Not fun, and I’m not sure it’s even really required by the law,  but we’ll do it because we feel we should.  Also I don’t want to pay a lawyer and back taxes if the above video is wrong.  And seriously, I don’t have time to research this for myself.  But it is food for thought.
  • Bring the recycling to town.  Curbside is available here, but taking it to town is free and I’m headed that way anyway–lots of times. 
  • Drop off some paperwork at the Campfire office. 

What are you up to this week?

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One thought on “A Word on Volunteerism and This Week’s To-Do List

  1. Kim

    Oh, you have my sympathy. It is too easy to agree to volunteer duties, especially where our kids are involved! My hubby and I have finally (now that our girls are adults) started to get a handle on volunteering. It’s hard to say no, but it’s harder when things are out of control at home. I, too, find meal planning so helpful, and it goes out the door when we are busy running here and there. Thanks for sharing at NOBH!


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