A Soothing Spring Facial


Spring brings changing weather, changing wardrobes, and changing routines.  It’s a perfect time to update your skincare habits to reveal your best skin.

I know, this isn’t my usual food/dirt/baby poop kind of post, but I bet you didn’t know I was a skin therapist in a former life.  I actually keep my license up to date, even though I don’t work in the field any more. What can I say?  I am a woman of many faces, and I’d like each of them to be as fresh and supple as possible.

After facing dry indoor air, cold winds, and perhaps reduced activity levels all winter, your skin may be feeling dry, itchy or just plain dull.

The first thing you need to do, in addition to your regular cleansing, is get rid of the layer of dead skin which is likely  dulling your complexion, making you feel itchy, and preventing your skin care products getting where they can be the most effective.  My favorite exfoliant is fine rice flour.  Mixed into a thin paste with water and massaged lightly over skin for a minute or two, it feels wonderful and rinses away to reveal fresh bright skin.  Just remember to let the paste do the work.  You’re exfoliating your face here, not scrubbing the floor.  Keep a light touch.

After you’ve revealed that soft new skin, you’ll want to balance it with a spritz of witch hazel, and nourish it with a soothing mask.  I recommend a paste of fine ground oatmeal and plain yogurt, left on for about five minutes before rinsing.  This will reduce any itching or redness left over from the long winter.

Finally you’ll protect your skin from  further dryness with a light moisturizer.  My favorite is plain virgin coconut oil.  It feels a more oily than a commercial moisturizer at first, but it quickly soaks in leaving your skin dewy and glowing.

I know most of you don’t have time to give yourself this kind of treat very often, but if you can find a few minutes at the changing of the seasons your skin will thank you.  Even better, why not try to find a few minutes once a week?


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