A Day In My Pajamas

I stayed in bed until 9 AM, and spent the entire day in my jammies today.  BUT, I accomplished an awful lot. 

First I made a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Then I sat around awhile, drinking hot tea and slowly absorbing the caffeine. 

Once the caffeine kicked in I started to get motivated.  So I canned up a few pints of last year’s venison to free up some freezer space, and to have a quick and easy dinner option in the pantry.  I’m notorious for forgetting to pull something out of the freezer. 

Since I had to stay in the kitchen and babysit the pressure canner while it processed for seventy-five long, boring minutes I made lunch, and got the popcorn we grew last summer off the cobs.  The corn in the smaller jar is the stuff we dried with the husks on the cobs, and the larger jar we dried with the husks off.  I wanted to see if one way would pop better than the other.  I also held a few cobs aside to use for seed in next spring’s garden. 

Once all that was done and cleaned up I remembered I needed to make a batch of laundry detergent.  It doesn’t take long to mix up a batch so I was able to get a load of wash going right after I went out to feed and water animals and gather eggs, er, egg.  It’s that time of year.  At least they haven’t given up laying altogether. 

Most of my winter days aren’t quite this productive, but I was inspired by another mom-blogger who not only homeschools and runs a daycare out of her home, but finds time to blog about it nearly every day.  Kudos to you, Rose

I don’t know that I could do something cool enough to write about every day, but I do know that I should at least fight the urge to hibernate and do something

Next on the list is cooking dinner, and mixing up a batch of artisan bread to be baked in the morning. 

What does your typical winter’s day look like?

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2 thoughts on “A Day In My Pajamas

  1. Leesa

    Wow! You get a lot done in one day! I enjoyed reading your post and am adding you to my blogroll. We’re starting our own little homestead, too.

    1. Mama Post author

      Most days I don’t get this much done. You should see what the kids did to the rest of the house while I was busy in the kitchen! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’ll stop by and check out your blog too! Isn’t it fun learning to do some of these things for ourselves?


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