28 Days To Hope For Your Home

***Not for the mildly disorganized***

Before you read this take a quick glance at your house.  Does it look beautiful? Yes?  I’ll save you some time.  This post is not for you, come see me again on Monday and we’ll cook up something delicious.

Okay, now I’ll share some sad truths with the rest of you.

The Sad Truth: I’ve been living under the assumption that, being a grownup, I don’t have to do my dishes if I gosh darn don’t want to. Another sad truth, is that eventually, I do have to do them,( I know, it SUCKS!) that is unless I want my husband to throw them away and buy all new ones, which he has suggested and would be more than willing to do. He’s not even mad. He hates washing dishes as much as I do, and that’s only the beginning. We’re not lazy mind you, we just have more interesting things to do. While I’m happily minding my hens, garden and, oh yeah, the kids, and Nate is happily creating something out of wood and antlers, our house slowly really, really quickly falls into disaster status.

Have you ever wondered why your home can go from company clean to “don’t open the door, it might be the health department here to shut us down” in a matter of days  hours  moments?

I used to wonder that, until I read 28 Days To Hope For Your Home.  Do I have my dream home now? No, but I have hope.  I now understand why and how my house can get so messy in mere minutes.  AND, I know how to reverse the trend.  I’m developing new habits, getting used to the look and feel of a neat home, and not even cringing when someone drops in unexpectedly.

In 28 Days to Hope For Your Home, Nony from A Slob Comes Clean, shares what she’s learned about the roots of slobberism, and the de-slobification process.  She takes you through a specific set of daily steps to develop four simple habits which will lead to a home you can actually live in.

28daystohope250Interested? For the rest of February, you can get 28 Days to Hope For Your Home at half price, by clicking on any of the affiliate links in this post.  That’s only four dollars!  Just two weeks ago I would have spent ten times that on take-out because I couldn’t find my kitchen!

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